HALLOWEEN THEME: How to Prep and Dress Like a Vintage Bombshell!

Tip 1: Apparel

Wear a shirtdress; nothing says “pin up” chic like a belted shirtdress. This will add a perfect silhouette to any body type. Also, try opting towards more of a sweetheart neckline.  If you are already drawn to this, you are a vintage-queen at heart!

Vintage Dresses

(Pictures Courtesy of Modcloth)

Tip 2: Hair

Ladies, bust our your teasing brush and hairspray because pin curls and victory rolls will be your best friend. Curly hair is definitely a must have.  Having these curls we affixed by having a perm, but because of all the harsh chemicals put onto the hair ladies started to achieve the look with hot rollers.  Most hair colors were worn in four distinct shades such as: black, brunette, red, and blonde. Definitely add an extra flare to finish up your look with a hair flower, snood, or pin!

   hair hair hair

(Pictures Courtesy of Pinterest)

Tip 3: Face

The vintage look has impeccable face features. Porcelain skin, be exact. Ensure you have clean and well-moisturized skin. Try to find really good skin products and use then daily. Find a full coverage foundation that matches your skin tone perfectly- personally, I love Kat Von D’s full coverage foundation, it works so well! Use concealer to hide blemishes and finish up the face with with translucent powder. The face should not look “cakey” at all, and should look almost perfect without flaws.


(Picture Courtesy of PALAFOXXIA)

Tip 4: Frame your face

Having perfect eyebrows will set your face.  Having great eyebrows is like having a great hair day. Constantly groom your brows. Fill your eyebrows with black pencil or powder brush- I like using Mac Cosmetics’ Fluidline in Dipdown. I mentioned black because most vintage babes had sharp arched brows. In order to keeps your eyebrows in place, apply just a little bit of hairspray on your brow brush then sweep them over for a clean look that will keep them in place.



(Pictures Courtesy of Pinterest)

Tip 5: Eyes

Wing it! With black eyeliner flick the end of your outer corner eye, this will create a “cat eye” look. Apply neutral eye shadow to upper eyelids and contour with a darker neutral eye shadow, and then blend. Now, add your false eyelashes and mascara!


(Pictures Courtesy of Pinterest)

 Tip 5: Lips

Get the perfect pout! RED LIPS is a must! Anything in the red family will do justice. Prep your lips by exfoliating them (A) and then priming them with light lip balm (B), this will moisturize your lips and will aid in applying color. Outline your lips with a red lip pencil (C) that matches your lipstick. Make sure to encompass your cupid bow, this “V” will make it or break it! Finally add on the lipstick (D), and don’t forget to BLOT!



(Picture Courtesy of Pinterest)

Alright my fiery bombshells! Have a fun and safe hallows eve! Stay classy with your new vintage looks!

XOXO Vixen Elaine 


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