As we all saw in Vanessa Vampz’ last post, she showed a picture of many flower hair clips. This is a trend that carried through the iconic “vintage look.” I don’t know about you, but I’m a hardcore believer of DIY. With that being said, flower hair clips ranges from about $15-$25 depending on how intricate the design is. I am a very simple kind of gal, so just the singular flower is perfect. Below, I have created a simple tutorial on how to make your very own flower hair clip!


Fake Flowers

Hair Clip Pins

Felt (ones that match your flower)

Hot Glue Gun



I purchased the fake flowers and hair clips at DAISO (this is a Japanese store that sells everything for only $1.50!)


Carefully pull flowers off of stem.


If flowers are not easily removed, you can cut them off as close as you can from the bottom of the flower


After pulling off flowers, there will be a small end that should be cut off.


It should look like this.


Continue by grabbing your clip and making sure it works.


Now place the clip onto your felt, this will help you gauge how much you should cut.


After cutting a strip, fold over your felt and cut accordingly so that it fits perfectly on the clip.

By adding this felt to your clip, it will assist in gluing down your flowers without leaving excess glue showing.


If felt is not accessible for you, you can also do this with the extra leaves that are left on the stem.

Follow directions from able to achieve the same outcome.

IMG_4778      IMG_4779

Once you have cut out your strips of felt, you may now begin to glue down your felt to the clip. Glue on one side (please be careful with this part!) then fold over and glue the remaining end strip. Now, gently press down so that felt is secured onto clip.


Placement is a key factor in this step. Place your flower however you would like it to look once you put it in your hair.


Glue the part of the flower that you want to be put onto the clip.


Firmly press on flower and clip so that they bond onto one another.


Let flowers cool down……


And there you have it! Your very own flower hair clips!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Give us a shout out once you have created your own hair clip!

XOXO Vixen Elaine


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