Are You Ready For This?!

Ladies and Gents, welcome to our virtual world of all things fashion and beauty inspired by old school glamour and glitz! Being lovers of retro fashion and beauty, we have decided to create this window into our own personal likes and muses, to share with all of you! In this blog, we will be showcasing various outfits, makeup techniques, and hair do’s from past decades and eras! Not only will we showcase the looks, we will also show how modern day fashionistas can achieve these looks, easily and flawlessly, through outfit grids, pictorials, and tutorials.

We would love to hear what you guys think and please share any ideas or looks you’re interested in seeing! Here are some photos of classic hollywood glamour, pin up fashion, and outfits from different era’s. Check them out, get your juices flowing! Any of these looks are a great way stand out in any crowd! These also work great for costumes, as Halloween is just around the corner! You can expect a new post every week by one of our three enthusiastic and talented bloggers. We are incredibly excited to get this rolling. So, we’ll ask again….are you ready for this?!

*Pictures courtesy of Pinterest*

-Vanessa Vampz, Vixen Elaine, AngelFace (Angelia)

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